About us

Räder Busch was founded in 1957 and developed, basically because of the reliability of the customers, to a large factor from year to year, first only in the Rhineland, later in Germany, Europe and now in the whole world.


The main task is to have market-driven products, which are available on short call.

Service comes first! Instead of a juristic impersonal company, you deal with a family business, which works according to your wishes and also tries to assume of all special requests.


Our wheels, castors and transport equipment is used in the industry, theatres and waste disposal companies. Because of many customer requests we arranged an assembly shop for helping locally.


Our customers have also the availability of products, which can only delivered and created by us. The basis for our success depends not only on the constant quality and flexibilty, but also on our employees, who have a long term practical experience. For several years we also developed to a welcome partner for theatres, radio and television stations.The yearly fairs are visited by us as well. We get requests from many European countries as well as from the U.S., Australia and Asia.


Please call us or send your wishes and requests by mail. It’s a pleasure for RÄDER BUSCH to help you.